Radio Show For March 07, 2015

Discussion about Isaias Afewerki speech you must listen

Journalist Kifu Asefa, Journalist Senay g.m and EPPf Gard Charmian Leuel Mekonen

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  1. Aklilu Reply

    March 8, 2015 at 1:25 am

    Dear Ato Abebe
    This afternoon, I listened to the panel discussion on your esteemed Radio Program, Addis Dimts, with the three guests, (journalists Senay, Knife and Ato Liul Keskis) about the Issayas Afewerki’s recent interview on ESAT.

    I found it to be a truly remarkable and historical discussion.

    This discussion has demonstrated the true character of an independent media by providing opportunity to air diverse opinions on such an important issue.

    I believe that today’s discussion will be recorded as an important interview in the history of the Ethiopian Diaspora media. I have no doubt that it will also generate immense conversation among Ethiopians.

    This is what Journalists and independent media ought to do. When a media outlet starts to air only one sided point of view, it starts to detach itself from the basic characteristics of an independent media: being “free, independent and demonstrating pluralism”.

    Thank you Addis Dimts for continuing to demonstrate freedom of expression and for treating us with such a great program.

    Please extend my sincere appreciation to your panelists.
    Ke Akberot gar

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